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Pre & Postnatal Physiotherapy In Singapore

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Prenatal physiotherapy focuses on exercises especially designed for pregnant ladies   to easily and safely perform  during  pregnancy. These exercises can provide a short or long-term pain relief as well as strengthen their bodies. Throughout the entire term of a pregnancy and even after a woman has given birth, these pre and postnatal exercises are crucial in ensuring she stays in the pink of health.. Prenatal exercises are an essential part of their pregnancy journey. When carried out by our team of expert physiotherapists at The Women & Children Centre, it can be extremely effective in facilitating a successful delivery and helping your body to recover quickly to full fitness following childbirth. Our highly trained women’s health physiotherapists will work in partnership with expectant women to achieve their desired goal. 

How Does Prenatal Physiotherapy Help Pregnant Ladies?

Prenatal exercise programmes are vital to maintain  expectant mother’s fitness level and for her to easily cope  throughout her labour. These pre and postnatal exercises greatly reduces the potential for any complications during pregnancy and after childbirth such as low back pain, pelvic pain and reduced mobility. 

Our women’s health physiotherapists at The Women & Children Centre have many years of experience in providing tailor-made physiotherapy programmes for expecting women to kickstart the active preparation for childbirth. Your body will undergo many changes during childbirth and physiotherapy is a great way to ensure the experience is as smooth and comfortable as it could possibly be.

Moreover, there are many advantages of prenatal exercises that can be obtained with a personalised physiotherapy programme designed by our team. 

These include:

  • Improved strength of core muscles
  • Reduced risk of back pain
  • Lower chances of incontinence problems
  • Strengthened pelvic floor muscles
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Swift return to normal activities of daily living

What Is Postnatal Physiotherapy?

Postnatal physiotherapy encompasses exercises that are specifically carried out after childbirth to help mothers to quickly return to an active lifestyle in Singapore. It is also an effective means of reducing the chances of any post labour complications such as back pain or pelvic pain that can be a result of childbirth. Our specialist women’s health physiotherapists will give you a full assessment and offer you a personalised physiotherapy programme to help you continue a healthy lifestyle with your child after labour. Together, our pre and postnatal exercises that are tailored to your needs will ensure a smooth delivery & recovery process before, during and after for expectant mothers. 

How Does Antenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy Help ?

As much as we want it to be hassle-free and painless, all of us are aware that the pregnancy & the postnatal period will not always be a bed of roses. Our team understands that this can be a challenging and difficult time for mothers-to-be and we are here to help the process be as smooth-sailing as it can be. Due to the hormonal fluctuations, you may notice your pelvis widening, pelvic floor muscles coming under more strain, bowel movements slowing down, abdominal wall lengthening, rib cage expanding, and bathroom trips becoming more frequent. All these changes may result in discomfort and inconveniences that can be alleviated when you work with a women’s health physiotherapist. 

There are a number of benefits of postnatal exercises which include:

  • Improved activation of your core muscles
  • Increase in the strength of your pelvic floor muscles
  • Better posture
  • Lower risk of back pain
  • Expedited return to normal activities of daily living
  • Reduced chances of incontinence problems

Don’t suffer in silence and reach out to our team today. Our pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialists are passionate about working with expecting women to guide them to optimal recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear?

Dress in comfortable clothes that enable you to move comfortably so our team of pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialists are able to fully assess your condition and guide you through the physiotherapy process without you feeling any discomfort.

When Is A Good Time To Start Postnatal Physiotherapy?

For a vaginal birth, pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialists recommend that you only need to wait for 2 days before getting started. However if you had a caesarean birth, they believe it’s best to wait 5 days. Naturally, if you feel any discomfort at all, halt all the exercises and see the physiotherapists at our clinic to get checked.

What Is The Importance Of Postnatal Exercise?

Postnatal exercise in physiotherapy has numerous important benefits such as:

  • Restores muscle strength and firms up your body 
  • Decreases feelings of exhaustion because it raises your energy level 
  • Improves your sense of wellbeing. 
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves your cardiovascular fitness and restores muscle strength
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