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What Is Pediatric And Adolescent Scoliosis

Pediatric and adolescent scoliosis is a condition in which the child’s spine curves sideways and rotates abnormally. Scoliosis cases can range from mild to severe. Often, patients with mild scoliosis may only need to be seen by their doctor or scoliosis physiotherapist on a regular basis. However, those with more significant curved spine scoliosis may require treatment options like scoliosis-specifc exercises, bracing or surgery.

What Are The Common Causes of Curved Spine Scoliosis In Children

There are three different causes of scoliosis that are often observed by physiotherapists and doctors in children: 

  • Idiopathic scoliosis – the most common form of scoliosis; the cause for this condition is unknown 
  • Congenital scoliosis – a rare form of scoliosis, this condition is usually detected at birth. 
  • Neuromuscular scoliosis – this is a form of curved spine scoliosis that occurs as a result of abnormalities in the supporting muscles and nerves of the spine. This condition is more common in patients suffering from neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy.

Introduction To Schroth Exercises

The Schroth method is a nonsurgical option for scoliosis treatment in Singapore. This treatment method involves a series of exercises that are customised according to the severity of each patient’s curved spine. Each exercise aims to help improve posture and overcome the symptoms of scoliosis.

Using The Schroth Method As Scoliosis Treatment in Singapore

Here at WACC, we’ve been successfully treating scoliosis patients in Singapore through the years. Our comprehensive programme combines a variety of scoliosis treatments like physiotherapy, and the exercises that we teach our patients allow them to manage their symptoms and prevent progression. Our physiotherapists usually recommend the Schroth method as a treatment option to patients in these scenarios:

  • Patients with mild curved spine scoliosis: To achieve better posture and possibly minimize curve progression
  • As a complement to bracing: To assist in reducing the side effects of bracing whilst improving the efficacy of the brace
  • Before surgery to maintain the mobility of the curve to achieve maximal correction
  • Post-operation to regain strength and achieve a balanced posture.

Schroth exercises may benefit patients of all ages, regardless of the severity of your scoliosis. With time and the help of our therapists, you can get back to doing what you love again. Drop us a message on Whatsapp for more information on physiotherapy as a treatment option for scoliosis or to book an appointment with us.

What Are The Goals Of The Schroth Method

The Schroth method makes use of elongation stretches and strengthening exercises to improve the scoliotic posture.. This helps to correct spinal abnormalities in the three planes of your body. This scoliosis treatment in Singapore also places emphasis on postural awareness during day to day activities. 

  • Postural Awareness: Increasing awareness of your posture and teaching you how to correct it. Our physiotherapist will help you improve postural balance by aiming for a 3-dimensional posture correction
  • Targeting muscle imbalances by improving muscle strength and endurance
  • Use of Rotational Angular Breathing: This is to help improve lung capacity and reshape the ribs
  • Diminish functional limitations, providing pain relief as well as control of pain

Treatment Duration For The Schroth Programme 

Treatment duration for the Schroth Method is patient-specific depending on the severity of the curved spine scoliosis and skeletal maturity. However, most patients can expect to be treated anywhere from 4-12 weeks. Exercises are recommended to be performed daily. 

Once a patient has completed the programme, they are often advised to continue their set of home exercises to maintain the progress. Your scoliosis physiotherapist in Singapore may continue to monitor your curve or provide progression to the exercises regularly after completion of the programme.

The aim of Schroth therapy is to help you reduce the chances of surgical intervention, participate in physical activities and get back to a normal life.

Our physiotherapist at the Women And Children Centre by Physio & Sole is Schroth BSPTS (Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School) Level C1 & C2 Certified and can treat scoliosis for various ages. Don’t let scoliosis stop you or your child from leading a quality life. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our scoliosis treatment options in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scoliosis Treatment in Singapore

What Are The Treatment Options For Someone With Severe Curved Spine Scoliosis?

The Schroth method is often recommended for patients with curves between 15 – 55 degrees. The treatment can be done early on with a mild curve or in tandem with bracing for a moderate curve. s. However, surgery is usually the treatment of choice once the spine reaches a certain advanced curvature.

Surgery as a form of scoliosis treatment in Singapore can take several forms and is usually dependent on a variety of factors such as: 

  • the way your spine is shaped
  • your age and bone maturity 
  • the impairment to other parts of your body as a result of your spine’s growth

It is recommended to seek the medical expertise of your healthcare provider as soon as possible if you suspect your child of suffering from scoliosis. At WACC, our scoliosis physiotherapists are certified to provide physiotherapy and Schroth as a treatment option for children in Singapore suffering from scoliosis. Contact us today for more information. 

What Are The Exercises I Can Do at Home To Prevent The Progression Of Scoliosis? 

We recommend you to book an appointment with our scoliosis physiotherapist so that they can provide a proper diagnosis of your condition. They can then provide a treatment plan specific to your condition; this treatment plan will also include the exercises that you can do. However, these exercises are usually conducted under the supervision of our scoliosis physiotherapists to ensure that your form is correct. 

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From Completing a Schroth Programme? 

Most patients in Singapore can see a visible improvement in their posture after completing a Schroth programme. However, the length of the programme may vary according to the severity of your condition. The length and frequency of each session are also dependent on the patient’s tolerance of the exercises.  

In addition to the correction and treatment of curved spine scoliosis, the outcomes of a Schroth programme may include: 

  • Improved posture
  • Improved core stability and strength 
  • Reduced pain 
  • Better pelvis alignment
  • Improved overall movement pattern and function 

Book an appointment at our clinic today to find out more. 

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