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Postural Club Foot

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Positional Talipes is a common foot condition in newborn babies that may affect one or both feet. It usually occurs due to a flexible foot that was held over time in an abnormal position in utero. When the child is born, due to the prolonged positioning, they may present with one or both feet in an atypical resting position. The foot is usually turned inward and downward but bony alignment is not impacted.

What should I do if I think my baby has postural clubfoot?

Many babies with talipes are picked up during routine assessments on the maternity ward or at routine developmental assessments with the doctor. If you think your baby many have talipes you should arrange an appointment with our physiotherapist. Often only one session will be required to complete a full assessment and provide you with appropriate exercises you can do for your child.

How is Postural Clubfoot treated?

Postural CTEV responds well to conservative treatment. Physiotherapy is the first line of treatment. Exercises will be prescribed to improve range of motion and foot position. The physiotherapist will also assess your child to ensure motor milestones are achieved.

It is important to distinguish between postural and structural CTEV. Structural CTEV is a bony deformity and needs a referral to a specialist paediatric orthopaedic doctor, who will recommend casting, bracing with special bars and shoes and in severe cases, surgery.

Does club foot have any long-term effects?

With correct physiotherapy input the vast majority of babies with talipes will go on to achieve full movement and function of their feet. Less commonly, with structural clubfoot some babies will need surgery to obtain normal foot function.

Let our Physiotherapists at Women & Children Centre help your child with their condition.

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