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Developmental Rehabilitation

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What are delayed milestones?

Milestones are the predicted points for when a child reaches a significant stage in their development such as walking or talking. A delayed motor milestone is when a child has not attained the desirable level of physical development, as per their age

What causes delayed milestones?

There can be many different causes of delayed milestones such as genetic problems or premature birth. Problems during early infancy or childhood such as infection or a head injury can also cause delayed milestones. Sometimes there is no identifiable cause.

What can physiotherapy do to help?

We teach each patient’s family how to help their child achieve their developmental milestones and work to develop exercises, therapy and experiences that benefit the child and their family.

We use physical therapy to treat:

  • Developmental delay
  • Idiopathic toe walking
  • Balance and coordination disorders

The goal is to help babies and toddlers attain their key developmental milestones and achieve improved independence in activities of daily living. We also aim to improve posture, strength, coordination and confidence.

Let our Paediatric Physiotherapists at Women’s & Children’s Clinic help your child to achieve their best.


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