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Post Gynaecological Surgery

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Before surgery

If you are preparing for gynaecological surgery, such as removal of fibroids, hysterectomy (removal of the womb)endometriosis surgerypelvic organ prolapse repair, or are planning to have an incontinence surgical procedure, getting advice from a women’s health physiotherapist beforehand can aid your recovery.

Physiotherapy prior to surgery usually consists of:

  • A pelvic floor assessment, training correct pelvic floor activation with strength and endurance
  • Provision of a pelvic floor home exercise program
  • Advice regarding bladder habits and bowel function
  • Education about what to expect immediately postoperatively and how to optimize tissue healing and recovery

After surgery

Following your surgery, our women’s health physiotherapists can work with your doctor and help guide your return to activity and exercise with a paced rehabilitation program that is individualized and targeted to help you achieve your goals.

Management during this post-operative time will consist of:

  • Graduated pelvic floor home exercise program after surgery
  • Review of bladder and bowel habits.
  • Advice regarding activity modification.
  • Education about how to safely get back to exercise and activity

Let us help you with preparation for your surgery or assist you in your recovery from surgery. Our Women’s health physiotherapists are here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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