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Baby Massage

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What is a baby massage? 

Is the application of gentle, slow, and rhythmic massage strokes on your baby’s body using your hands, fingers, and thumb.

What are the benefits of baby massage?

There are numerous benefits of baby massage for your baby. They include the following: 

  1. Regulate baby sleep.
  2. Aid with digestion.
  3. Relieves a colicky tummy.
  4. Ease teething discomfort.
  5. Ease nose congestion.
  6. Improve immune system.
  7. Improve baby’s wellbeing and development.
  8. Aid with blood circulation and respiration.

Parents also benefit from baby massage. It is definitely a great way to promote parent and child interaction and bonding. This therapeutic activity positively improves a mother’s mood and mental state. Baby massage also helps parents to better understand and learn their baby cues. As a result, parents become more confident in caring for their baby.

Is it safe to massage newborns?

There’s no set of guidelines when to start a baby massage. What is known is that newborns can easily get overstimulated. So, keep the baby massage session short especially during the first month. Your ultimate guide will be how your baby responds to the stroking movement.

When is the best time to do a baby massage?

Baby is ready to receive a massage when the baby looks calm, and alert. Avoid massaging when the baby is hungry or tired.

Do I need to use oil during baby massage?

It is optional to use oil. But if you are considering using oil, choose a product that is suitable for your baby sensitive and delicate skin. Some known natural baby-friendly products are coconut oil, grapeseed oil. 

Are there any contraindications/ precautions for baby massage?

While baby massage is gentle for the baby, there are some occasions that it is best to let the baby rest such as when the baby is having fever or unwell. 

It is also time to stop the massage when the baby starts to show discomfort or start crying during your session. It would be best to  attend to your baby’s needs instead.

Our baby massage classes will be conducted by our Women’s Health Physiotherapist and in small class structure (4-6 participants). She is able to guide parents on the necessary skills needed so that they can give baby massages at home. In each session, parents will be taught different techniques that targets the different parts of the baby. If you are interested in signing up for our Baby Massage workshop, do contact us now.

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