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Post–Surgical Management

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Post-surgical rehabilitation involves a personalized exercise programme prescribed after a surgery, to assist the recovery and restoration of functional activities. Physiotherapy plays an extremely important role in helping patients get the most benefit out of their surgery.

Physiotherapy after surgery usually begins in the hospital. It is, however, important to continue with treatment outpatient to achieve the best outcomes. 

In adolescents and children, some common surgeries where physiotherapy is required are: 

  • Post ligament reconstructions or meniscal repairs 
  • Post medial patellofemoral ligament repair for patella dislocations 
  • Post Bankart repairs after shoulder dislocations / injury 
  • Post-surgical repair of fractures 
  • Post spinal fusion for scoliosis 
  • After bony corrections of severe leg length discrepancies 

After your operation, physiotherapy can help with: 

  • Managing your pain 
  • Returning to your daily activities and eventually safe return to activities or sports
  • Strengthening muscles 
  • Managing swelling
  • Regaining your range of movement 
  • Improve your confidence and movement quality 

All these goals will be achieved with specific exercise prescriptions. In some cases, soft tissue massage, mobilizations and taping will also be utilized to achieve the desired goals. 

Here at WACC, our physiotherapists can provide this treatment for you.

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