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Women’s Feet Conditions and Treatment in Singapore

Our Podiatrists are here to help ease your foot pain!

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry focuses on the diagnoses, treatment, management and prevention of injuries and deformities in the foot, ankle and related structures of the lower legs. A podiatrist can help with a wide range of foot and lower limb problems from ingrown toenails and fungal nails to sports injuries and conditions caused by biomechanical misalignment.

For women, there is an increased risk of developing foot issues during and after pregnancy, and with menopause. At the Women & Children Centre, we aim to help patients have the best quality of life they deserve. Our podiatrists will be able to help with your feet concerns.

What to expect from a Podiatry session?

Our experienced podiatrists apply leading research and clinical-based evidence in our diagnosis when assessing your foot or leg condition. We will help you understand the cause of your symptoms and incorporate a treatment plan that will get you feeling and moving better. We pride ourselves as professional and ethical podiatrists who provide the best and most practical podiatry services for the rehabilitation of pain and dysfunction in the lower limbs.

Podiatry treatments are mainly non-invasive and use non-oral medications in the treatment of foot pain and foot conditions as well as the rehabilitation of pain and dysfunction in the lower limbs.

All our podiatrists are registered under the Podiatry Association (Singapore) and have consistently achieved high levels of patients’ satisfaction as reflected in our testimonials and surveys.

We deserve pain-free living

Experience a high level of care and professionalism from Women & Children Centre’s highly qualified podiatrists. Book an appointment for a podiatry session today!


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